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Coffee with Chris: Gavin Siegel

Chris Maurice

After being shockingly turned down by multiple people to accompany me to Starbucks for Coffee with Chris, I was ready to give up, pack my bag, and head home for the day. Thankfully I ran into Gavin Siegel, who politely accepted my offer and joined me for this edition.

Gavin is an easy-to-please guy who told me about his extravagant life while drinking his stylish Starbucks cup of water. I sat listening while eating my favorite item from the menu, a cake pop. Surprisingly, Gavin rarely goes to Starbucks and was amazed with how I was able to pay with my phone. As we got our drinks, I asked Gavin if he could pick any two celebrities to be his parents, whom would he pick. Immediately, Gavin said Kim and Kanye. But, who is Gavin Siegel’s favorite Kardashian, you might ask? Kendall.

A day in the life of Gavin Siegel starts at 7 o’clock, where he lies in his bed for 45 minutes getting the energy to brush his teeth. After getting dressed, he takes the short walk to school, arriving timely at 8 every morning. If he has time, he will buy some bacon from the cafeteria, finish up homework, or catch up with friends. Once school is done, Gavin will “hit up” Potash, fill up on food, and then head home where he will begin his homework. When his homework is finished, Gavin will eat, shower, watch his favorite t.v shows and relax. By 11 p.m. Gavin is usually off to sleep, preparing for the next day to come.

This year, Gavin had the privilege to be a part of the boy’s junior varsity basketball team. Sadly, last week the team lost by two points to Lab in their regional championship game. Gavin was crushed to see their season over. Motivated by the loss, Gavin is deciding whether to continue to play basketball outside of school, or stick to his original plan and play water polo during the spring.

Gavin greatly enjoyed the three snow days we had thus far this year. He went sledding, drank some hot coco, and, well, just chilled out. Sticking on the topic of winter, Gavin and I discussed the ups and downs of team USA in Sochi from the agonizing men’s hockey game, to Russia beating us in the medal count. Gavin’s favorite events were bobsledding and aerial skiing. Least favorite? Figure skating. Though the he enjoyed the winter activities, Gavin cannot wait for summer to come. If it were 80 degrees tomorrow, Gavin would immediately go to the beach, like most of us would. Sadly it does not look like that is going to happen. Fortunately, Gavin has his project week to look forward to, where he will be interning with the Northwestern basketball team’s athletic trainer. He will also be traveling to the warm weather state of Arizona over spring break. The countdown has officially begun, only 14 more days till project week begins!

I always see Gavin talking to everybody in the hallways and if you do not know him, you are missing out. Gavin is nice to everybody and is a hard worker. According to him, the song that describes his work ethic is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. I guess Gavin is just really in sync with his inner Miley—just keep the twerking to yourself.


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