Coffee with Chris: 125 Special

Chris Maurice


In this edition of Coffee with Chris, I sat down with senior Nathan Goldberg. After interviewing a freshman last time, I thought an interview with a senior would offer a new perspective.

From the start, Nathan showed me how much he embodies that Latin School Spirit. Though he was a bit late in meeting me, he made it up in the fun I had in talking with him. When Starbucks charged me six dollars for my tall Frappuccino, and I did not have enough money to pay for it, Nathan helped me out with the extra money. He also shared his frosted pumpkin shaped cookie (I recommend that you don’t get it). Nathan was also able to chat with many of the other Latin students that walked in. He tried to convince me of how great of an interviewer he was. His idea was turning Coffee with Chris into Coffee with Chris and Nathan. Sorry Nathan, but I’m going solo for now!

Nathan had many interesting things to say. I learned about his fascination with birds (which I found out after he told the Starbucks Barista to write ‘Bird Boy’ on his cup). Even though I know little about birds, I could see the passion that Nathan has for them while talking to me. Birds give him something to do. He keep a list of all the different birds he has seen. In college, Nathan would like to be evolutionary biology major.

Nathan loves to watch How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, and, yes, Bad Girls Club. Nathan could not stop raving about these shows and what goes down, even though I don’t watch them. Nathan also felt obligated to sign the petition at Starbucks to end the government shutdown, which he was very frustrated by. Nathan, drinking his peppermint hot chocolate, told me about the stress of senior year. He is looking forward to being a second semester senior, even though it will not make up for the stress he has had to deal with. Nathan’s favorite class? Spanish 3 because he is able to meet students in every grade.

When I asked Nathan what he would do if the world were ending, he said he would go cliff jumping in a wingsuit. Before we left, Nathan wanted a refund on the pumpkin shaped cookie neither of us enjoyed. The Starbucks barista was understanding and gave us a free warmed chocolate chip cookie that was kindly shared with me.

Nathan is applying early decision to CALS within Cornell (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) Cornell, and he is a bit nervous like anyone would be. Nathan is one of the nicest, most outgoing people at Latin. I’m so glad I had a chance to interview him. We talked about everything from birds to Nathan’s allergy to hazelnuts. The perspective of a senior at Latin is much different than one coming from a freshman, junior, or senior. Nathan says he wants the other grades to understand what seniors are going through right now and give them space and support. Nathan, thank you for letting me interview you and for paying for part of my six-dollar Frappuccino!]]>