Senior Wall of Shame

Co-Editor-in-Chief Though the school didn’t quite break the bank building our lounge this summer (cough cough fourth floor cough cough), I think that the senior lounge is slowly coming into the cold, cold hearts of the Class of 2013. With a failed attempt at bead curtains, a torn down doodle wall, food encrusted bean bags, and a holiday card from all of the ex-2013ers the senior lounge is really turning into a  home away from home. Without a doubt though the best part of the senior lounge is the Wall of Shame. As wonderfully ominous as it sounds, the Wall of Shame actually brings a lot of laughs and smiles to all of us seniors. Senior Karun Koppula  describes the Wall as “a way to be humble.” With a school full of child prodigies, it is a gentle reminder that no one is perfect. And, ultimately, you’re not your grade. The Wall is not a reflection as us as students; it is just a way to laugh at yourself. Now, instead of cringing and privately mourning about that below average grade on your last Anatomy quiz, you can be excited to stick it on the Wall. Sydney Perkins, another senior, adds,”I really like the wall because we’re all really smart and even smart people do poorly.” More seniors concluded that they “thoroughly enjoy it because it has, in a weird twisted way, brought our grade together a little bit, something  we can all laugh about and I  such a high stress school, it is funny to know that you’re not alone when you get a fifty on like calculus. It is nice that we can fail together.” The Wall is also a way to put some things in perspective. Life does go on folks, even after that 77 on your Chinese oral. Lana Ifergan concludes,” The Wall of Shame is a good way to embrace that we’re all human and make mistakes.”  ]]>