Latin’s New Year’s Resolutions

Hedy Gutfruend Editorials Editor As we ring in the new year, the Latin community is undergoing a lot of changes. The science department has clearly resolved to make our learning experience as enriched as possible with the new science center. Mr. Dunn and Mr. O’Toole have resolved to help us get involved with a global community of independent schools, the Global Online Academy. But as individuals, we all have our own set of resolutions, whether they are school-related or strictly personal. Though psychologists have deemed New Year’s resolutions scientifically more likely to fail (because people focus on the fact that they are not achieving their goals – see more at dec/28/new-years-resolutions-doomed-failure), Latin students keep making them nonetheless. The Forum now brings you a smattering of New Year’s resolutions.   Rane Figueroa, 2014: “I’m going to stop being lazy and exercise more.” Kristen Garrett, 2013: “Well, my new years resolution is to stay as awesome as I already am. That’s a joke. My real resolution is to eat healthier, spend more time on myself, and say yes to as much as possible.” Shawn Farshi, 2012: “Don’t let life stress me out too much, and be a more positive person.” Kyle Robinson, 2014: “Come up with a new year’s resolution.” Will Nuelle, 2015: “Read more books for pleasure, especially about topics I don’t know a lot about.” Isabel Sessions, 2015: “Sleep more!”   Finally, Mr. Cronister shares his goals for the school, what he calls “Green Resolutions.” They are: 1. Paper waste printers — use the duplex feature and print out only what you need. 2. Posters —  15 is the maximum number of posters you should make/ post (The Alex Kling Rule) … and don’t stuff mailboxes with individual announcements or invites!  Better yet, use RomanNet announcements!  Remember, an average-sized tree makes about 90,000 sheets of paper. 3. Use scratch paper (use the bins all over the building) 4. Recycle your used batteries (collection bin in US library) 5. Don’t throw out the cafeteria tumblers and silverware! 6. Recycle your cans and bottles in the cafeteria… it’s the bin to the far right of the trash bins in the cafeteria) 7. Turn off lights, computers, and projectors when leaving classrooms. 8. Use the electric bike in the weightroom! And tell your parents not to idle their cars when waiting for you in front of the school. Hopefully, as the New Year’s celebrations wrap up, we can all keep our resolutions–or at least try to. As a school, we can try to heed Mr. Cronister’s advice, as well, and work his goals into our daily routines. What are you resolutions for 2012? Comment and let us know!]]>