An Introduction: Lex in the City

Alexa Fifield Staff Writer Los Angeles is the best city in the world. I had THE BEST LIFE there. Every morning before school I opened my drapes and saw a gleaming, golden sun shining down on the Hollywood sign. I scurried over to my closet and tap the touchpad to pick out my outfit. I made sure it was “super” school appropriate, mini skirt, stilettos, and a tiny tank top. Then for the finishing touch I stuffed my tiny Chihuahua into my huge Marc Jacobs bag because he is the best school accessory! Because it is always so warm outside I ride in my red convertible with the top down. As you drive, it’s important to check that your lip-gloss isn’t smeared or else Janice Dickinson will laugh at you. But while your doing that, be on the look out so you don’t accidentally run over a Mexican gardener on Sunset Boulevard. Once I get to school I walk down the red carpet paparazzi calls my name and I give them my signature pose. I watch as Reese Witherspoon and Arnold Schwarzenegger walk down the red carpe. They are so down to the earth and it is nice to know that even though they are celebrities they still have the time to walk their kids to school. At school, I just go to boring classes where I paint my nails and flip through gossip magazines. Obviously Brentwood High is the most elite school in Southern California. After school is over, the rest of my afternoon is spent eating In n’ Out or Sprinkles cupcakes, buying tomorrow’s outfit on Rodeo Drive-not pronounced like where cowboys go, but Row-Day-Oh Drive. Then after a hard day’s work I drive off into the sunset on Pacific Coast Highway as I watch a movie being filmed on the beach. I hope you got that Los Angeles isn’t really all that people believe it is. Truthfully, LA isn’t even a city, it’s more like a bunch of suburbs trying to be one. Other LA lifestyle stereotypes I don’t live up to: I don’t drive a convertible, whenever I saw a Chihuahua I want to kick it, our dress code is even stricter than Latin’s, most LA natives don’t even shop on Rodeo because it is seen as a “tourist trap,” and any Californian wouldn’t even consider driving down the PCH while the sun was setting. And I know that living in California seems like living the dream life, but it’s not. And I may be a bit of a pessimistic when I say this, but try going to a school that rivals the schools that were in Clueless or Mean Girls. That is why I am so excited to be going to Latin and living in Chicago, it is nothing like living in Los Angeles. I have already been here for three weeks and I think I may be in love. Not having to sit in a hour of traffic every morning to get to school is a blessing. Having many of my friends live on the same block as me instead of 30 minutes away in Beverly Hills seems like a miracle. The people here are so genuinely nice. Albeit I already got a taste of the chilly weather that has come unreasonably early for September, but I’m lucky that getting to move to a state that actually has seasons gives you an excuse to go out and buy a whole new winter wardrobe. I’m just going to have to store my stilettos for a warmer day! My time in the city has been short and I’ve only really frequented OldTown for dinner and Michigan Avenue for the Fashion Night Out event (Yes, very Valley Girl of me but I can’t help gaining a couple of fashion skills from my neighbors Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen). I am so excited to experience and discover more of the city! If you have any recommendations on where to go in Chicago please tell me because I would love to know! And seriously, if I hear one more person ask me if I know celebrities or if I went to school with them…I might have to kick a Chihuahua at you.   – Alexa Hilton]]>