Tina Fey's Bossypants: Read It

Nicholas Lehmann News Editor

Do yourself a favor. Get up (after you read this review), go to your nearest bookstore, and buy Bossypants by Tina Fey. Many people know here as Liz Lemon, Baby Mama, or even Sarah Palin, but in this memoir, the reader sees the true Tina Fey. Born in Upper Darby, Fey lead a normal life up until her college years, but somehow is able to describe her childhood in such a way that you feel connected to her. You’re able to enjoy her memories just as if she were your best friend (and you will wish she was). The Second City comedian doesn’t beat around the bush. There is an entire chapter dedicated to what people see as “incorrect” on women’s bodies, and she shows how she has many of those qualities and features. But, the reason Tina Fey is so successful and funny is because she, honestly, just doesn’t care. She accepts her “droopy brown eyes” and her “good strong legs with big gym teacher calves that [she] got from walking pigeon-toed [her] whole life”. Tina Fey will have you laughing at every line in her book. It will be obnoxious, and you will embarrass yourself to the point where people stare, but you won’t mind. You’ll just go back to reading Bossypants.]]>