The Street: Winter 2018


Paige Hosbein Hello, trendsetters! Thanks for tuning in to the “The Street” —a Latin column that has recently been revived to showcase students’ exquisite taste and self-expression through clothing. First is Latin superstar, Anwar Mohammed. In the below images, he rocks some vintage Nike tennis shoes, classic ripped-knee jeans, a pop-culture Marilyn tee, and a silver chain necklace. #model Sophomores Bea Parr and Milana Jozwiak are both known for their bold and à la mode ensembles. Bea pulls off roaring cheetah print pants with a simple stated white tee to emphasize the cheetah print and white patent leather boots. Milana sports black pearled high waisted jeans, complemented by a Fiorucci (Italian fashion label) crop top. And of course, her sparkly silver tennies bring her outfit to a whole new level of wow. And finally, senior Siena Craigie and Olivia Baker pose in ripped jeans—a seemingly timeless trend—with flirty boots. Siena Craigie adds flare with her bubblegum pink sweater and Olivia infuses her artistic license with her signature statement boots. Don’t forget to check the next issue for more fashionistas or hesitate to send us a picture of your snazzy outfit to [email protected] to be featured!]]>