Letter From the Editors 11.26.18

Howdy! If you like to sleep like we do, you probably felt a little let down this morning when, at 5:30 am, your parents didn’t receive an email from the school declaring today a snow day. We’re salty, just like our sidewalks, but it’s fine. We’re fine. Everything’s fine. We do hope, however, that you got lots of rest over the holiday with your families and friends. Our writers worked hard to tackle some heavy stuff in this issue—ranging from supporting Latin sports teams; to the ethics of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; to the Thousand Oaks shooting that took place on November 7. We hope you can take a break from your busy weeks (this week is chaotic, we feel it too) to drink a hot cocoa and read a few (or all, if you’re really cool) articles. Happy reading and #ForumForever Lily and Margo 🙂 ]]>