Letter from the Editors 3.9.18

Readers, Let’s be honest. Why read the Forum when you’re about to get out of school, even Chicago, for the next three weeks? The reasons range in depth. On one hand, you’ll find light-hearted articles about the dispute over breaks during long blocks and about parents’ (often ill-informed) incursion into social media. On the other hand, in wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, you’ll find an article by Freshman Robert Igbokwe detailing Latin’s response and a letter to our government representatives by Mr. McArthur. Both the pieces beg the heavy question: what can we, as Latin students, do to protect other students in our national community? So as you wait to board the plane to your PWeek destination, or as you sit at home in anticipation of the small museum you’ll visit in the afternoon, take a moment to read your peers’ work — you’d be surprised how much their writing can move you. On that happy note, have a wonderful next three weeks. We’ll see you in April. All the best, Olivia and Margo ]]>