Letter From the Editors 2.1.18

It’s been quite a while, Romans! We know you’ve missed us. You’re all probably wishing you had another spirit week filled with themed dress up days, poetry slams, and basketball games, but unfortunately, those days are coming to a close. Instead, we have an online spirit week right here at The Forum. Marred-Media Monday: Some of us might be guilty of looking to news sources that support or own biases, so click on Robert’s article, “The Death of Discussion,” to read his thoughts on what Latin students do, and should do, to escape their bubbles. Tunes on Tuesday: Tune into Rahsaan (certified guitar genius) Nance’s first ever album review. Wear Whatever You Want Wednesday (but not if you’re in the middle school…): Take a look at Lily’s article tackling the middle school dress code, which has undergone some changes since we last checked. Feminist Theory Thursday: Check out Alice’s piece about the Women’s March and decide for yourself the true meaning behind wearing all black. And finally, Spirit Friday: To find out more about Latin’s spirit (or lack thereof), see this month’s Katz Meow. Happy Reading, Lauren and Olivia]]>