Letter from the Editors 11.2.17

“So What?” You’ve heard that question before— put simply, it’s why a piece of writing is important. It’s how it pertains to the bigger picture, why it matters in this day and age, and why we as readers should really care. (And to be honest, most of us didn’t know what the heck that was until we entered high school). Students have become extremely wary of this question. And rightfully so—it’s the most complex aspect of any writing piece. But at the same time, this is backwards thinking. If we can’t explain why this piece is salient, then why should we even write it at all? This issue focuses on that “bigger picture” notion. We’re addressing larger themes—history curriculums, teaching styles, baristas (which is undoubtedly a theme), and post-high school endeavors— and skillfully tying it back to Latin. With anything that’s being tied back to the Latin community, we should care because if the topic does not directly affect us, it will affect someone that we call a friend (or acquaintance). Moreover, these articles are written by your peers, so supporting them is a just as good a reason to care as any. On that note, we have many articles in this issue authored by new writers. These new writers aren’t only freshman, so no matter your grade, feel free to come to an editor with an article idea of any kind. We’d love to hear what matters to you.   Happy Reading, Olivia & Lauren]]>