Letter from the Editors 10.1.17

Olivia Baker and Lauren Salzman The hardest thing about being editors for The Forum, (or the most well-versed, manifold, and overall excellent publication in the world, as we are more commonly known by), is not commissioning writers to write articles. Far from it, in fact. It’s writing this: the Letter from the Editors. This issue was especially challenging for us. For one, we have two starkly different points to acknowledge. On the one hand, we want to celebrate our new writers. Namely our freshman, who left us aghast with their wit, their knowledge, and their determination. There were even a few freshman who showed up early to the staff meeting, which rarely ever happens. You made the issue what it is, and we can’t thank you enough. And secondly, on a more poignant note, we must address the power of journalism. Latin has recently suspended all ties with the Moody Church, situated just across the street. More details are in Alice’s article below, but in short, our values as an institution no longer matched with those of Moody. However, as a school, Latin still acknowledges that Moody has the right to voice their own opinion and beliefs. This bring us to the journalism, and more specifically, The Forum. We have both written articles that voice opinions that are in the minority. We have both published articles with opinions we do not agree with. But we both also realize this powerful tool we have at our disposal — writing. The Forum is a place where anyone can, respectfully, share and inform on any topic, regardless of stance or side. As Editors, we respect our writers’ opinions, even though they may not be our own. And on that note, we welcome anyone to write for our next issue — just get in touch with one of us! Happy Reading, Olivia & Lauren ]]>