Letter From the Editors 5-15-17

With the end of the year coming to a close, we are both nostalgic on the time that’s passed but excited for what’s to come in these final few weeks. Our issue centered around something important to not only us, but the Latin community as a whole—you. Your voices were what we wanted to incorporate in our issue because as we all know, summer is fast approaching, meaning we won’t have the opportunity to hear each other’s perspectives, ideas, and voices for another three months. We also wanted to recognize certain individuals who have made the Latin community even more remarkable through their efforts and actions this year. Although we might not have touched on every aspect of the Latin community and its student body, we hope that somewhere in this issue you found a story that shed light on something new that you might not have discovered otherwise or an article that gave recognition to a deserved individual or group. We want to thank the Forum staff, Mr.Fript, and more importantly, everyone reading this! We hope you enjoyed reading our issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together! -Stephanie, Eleanor, & El]]>