Lights, Camera, Latin

Emily Bernhardt A couple of weeks ago, Latin’s hallways were not only filled with backpacks and students, but also with professional camera equipment and a production crew! This mysterious addition to the school vanished as quickly as it appeared, leaving many with questions. Luckily, Ms. Anayas, the Assistant Director of Communications at Latin, has the answers. She explained that a group of cameramen were hired by the school to film members of the Latin community for two days, including sophomore Summer Abraham. Summer’s crew got footage of her working in her English and math classes, walking through the hallways, playing water polo, and singing during an early morning Romanettes practice. “My math class was very excited about the cameras,” Summer remembered. “They brought funny hats to wear and they planned to talk in British accents.” She also had an interview where she discussed her experiences at Latin. “The videoing was different than I expected,” Summer said. “I think that the cameras were trying to capture a day in the life of a Latin student, inside and outside of the classroom.” The various parts of Summer’s day are currently being edited and made into a full video. Videos like Summer’s were created for families who are considering Latin as an option and want “a sense of what it feels like to be a part of the Latin community,” according to Ms.Anayas. Summer’s story will hopefully make new Latin students feel welcome and encourage prospective students to choose Latin. However, Summer’s perspective as a Latin student was not the only one explored. The production team also filmed a Latin teacher, a parent, alum, and the head of school. Ms. Anayas shared that this is because “we want to share the story of these individual’s experiences at Latin.” Summer is “nervous and excited to see the final product [of her video],” which will be launching in the fall, in line with Open House and other admissions events. Like Summer, the rest of the Latin community is excited and curious to see the final video!]]>