Letter from the Editors: 5.1.17

This month is all about payoff. You know how the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Whether your “flowers” are college decisions, APs, prom, or something else, May is a time to reap the rewards of your year and set yourself up for continued success. It was with this cheesy thought in mind that we embarked on editing this issue of the Forum. We wanted to give the school something fresh and bright. Something full of topics that we felt that the student body would want to hear more about. We kept asking ourselves: What do we want to read, and what would we just click by? It is our belief that this issue will have something for everyone, that everyone can learn something from it, and that someone who has never written an article before will be inspired to do so. The Forum should be a place for students to get perspective. It should be representative of the student body, full of different voices and angles. Something that people want to write for and people want to read in turn. We hope to have made strides toward that with this edition. So, take some time out of your day to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy the issue. Much love, Ella and Noa P.S. We’d like to thank Mr. Fript, Olivia Baker (our amazing Managing Editor), everyone who wrote, all the current editors of the Forum (especially our point-person, Iz Gius), our fellow auditionees, our friends, our families, and our pets.]]>