Letter from the Editors: 2.17.17


(it’s our last issue together so we might be a little biased) The Forum is the most magnificent thing ever. Just think about it. We, the students, are the voice of an entire community. It is our words that people read to gain insight. Amazing. So dive into this edition. And bring a box of tissues for the ride because you’ll be crying once you realize how amazing this is. Dive into articles on growth mindset, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, immigration bans, and more. Thank you to everyone who has been a loyal reader for The Forum this past year, or has just read it once or twice! We have had the best time working together for our issues this year, and can’t believe this marks the end. Iz, thank you for being our amazing Managing Editor! You put so much into each issue and we couldn’t have been successful without you. Go Forum, L&J ]]>