Abigail’s Attempts: An Interview with Reis


Abigail Garber (Note: The Forum assigned Abigail to interview Reis on his new position as social chair.) It took me a full week to get Reis to talk to me. But, as he can tell you, I was persistent. When he finally acknowledged me and I told him that I wanted to interview him for The Forum, it then took me a whole day to get his phone number and 12 more hours for him to respond. Luckily, he accepted my offer, and we sat down for an interview. Abigail: How did you find Studio Paris for Homecoming? Reis: Studio Paris was actually the first place that I thought of because I remembered that during my sophomore year the dance was held there. I emailed and called them a few times, and eventually got in contact with one of their employees and it kinda just went from there. Abigail: Did any previous Social Chairs give you advice for planning the dance, or did you just figure it out yourself? Reis: No, I just made some assumptions on what to do and made some calls, and, luckily, it all worked out. Abigail: Did you take what some of the previous Social Chairs have done and mirror what they did or didn’t do? Reis: With all respect to Keegan [last year’s Social Chair], I think she did a great job and all, but I think I learned that because homecoming is a dance, it should be more of a club setting, in my opinion. I think I took the steps to get that done. Abigail: Did you get opinions from other students, or did you just do what you wanted? Reis: No, I just did what I wanted. Abigail: So, one could say that you were a dictator? Reis: I’d say that I’m just confident. Abigail: Ok, I’ll take that. Reis: [Nods] Abigail: Olivia Ferro is the Assistant Social Chair. What is she doing to help you? Reis: She takes care of, well, honestly, I delegate a lot of the less important tasks to her. A lot of this is calling and emailing places, and having two people opposed to one makes things a lot easier. Abigail: Have you started planning Winter Ball? Reis: I’ve put some thought into it, but we [student government] are still communicating with the teachers and discussing if the dance will happen at all. But, if we do choose to have Winter Ball, I have a few places on deck. Abigail: I have heard that Winter Ball might be in the gym. Is that true? Reis: There have been some rumors, but I cannot address them at the moment. Abigail: For future dances, would you hire an outside DJ or do you plan on sticking with our resident DJ, DJ Ram? Reis: I’m a really big fan of Ram, but, I mean, if we could get something really cool, I’m sure he’d be fine with that. But he will always be our first option Abigail: Why aren’t you going to DJ the dance? Reis: I’m not going validate that with an answer. Abigail: Do you feel the pep rally went well? Reis: It went as well as any Latin Pep Rally can go. Abigail: Where is prom? Reis: Undecided at the moment. Abigail: Why can’t you tell me? Reis: Because it’s undecided. And, well, it’s really none of your buisness, Abigail. You’ll know when the rest of the school knows. Abigail: Anything else you would like to share about your system? Reis: I’d say the results speak for themselves. Abigail: Thank you Reis! Reis: Thank you, too. Well, there you have it folks! The man, the myth, the legend, Reis Herman.]]>