Letter from the Editors: 10/16/15

The end of first quarter seems to get worse and worse each year. There’s test after test after test after test, and two or three quizzes thrown in the mix, and don’t forget about that inevitable lab report and that essay that you have to write for history and English that are both due on the same day. And it all seems to get crammed into one week. AHHHHH! But, it’s over, thank god, and you can enjoy a little break now (at least until the end of first semester gets closer), and read the Forum…obviously. So stop rewatching Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl doesn’t even depict authentic experiences of real-life high schoolers. How did they all even get into good schools at the end of the show? When did they even have time to do homework? You know what is real though, the events going in and around Latin that we discuss in this issue of the Forum. There are some great articles from a bunch of new writers, and, perhaps the most exciting new addition to the Forum in history, a Latin version of the Yes/No show done by Lauren Salzman and Brianna, featuring Mr. McArthur and Ms. Gasser! Gossip Girl is unrealistic, Johnny and Brianna     ]]>