15 Signs We’re Back In The Full Swing of Things


Cameron Cozzi, Summer Crown, and Siena Craigie  1. You have to set multiple alarms to make sure you wake up alarm 2. You rarely eat a real breakfast in the morning, and usually resort to a granola bar or nothing at all MRUHhxA 3. The more caffeine in your morning Starbucks drink, the better unnamed 4. You have already fallen into the pattern of wearing sweatpants/leggings at least once a week tumblr_mb8txbrFUq1rx6ksho1_250 5. It seems as though your multiple packs of pens have disappeared, and somehow you  have been left with one half-broken pencil unnamed-1 6. The assignment page on your Roman Net looks something like this: rn 7. You have already to take more than one test/quiz/in-class essay on the same day classes 8. You have found yourself skipping lunch in order to try to finish your homework (that may or may not be due in the next class)   4682228 9. Billy Lombardo continues to be the best photobomb out there IMG_3687     unnamed-2 10. You are thankful every day that preseason is over awful 11. 11:30 is the earliest that you have gone to bed since August and you wish that you had a sleep-in every day IMG_3703 13. You dread having to go to school for 5 days after having 4 4-day weeks in a row IMG_3698 14. The mailboxes are already full with grades that you don’t want mom and dad to hang on the refrigerator IMG_3684 15. The seniors are putting on their brave faces as they enter the school year IMG_3678   IMG_3695   IMG_3673]]>