Letter from the Editors 12/1/14

What do we do?  “What do we do?” asked Mr. Graf last week at gathering, quoting a student who had approached him the morning after the Ferguson grand jury decision. In the aftermath of the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, Latin students have taken to classrooms, social media, and gatherings to express their feelings on the matter. But more than just expressing feelings, Latin students are being active in calling for change, whether it’s within the school or on the streets of Chicago. This includes Mason Hammond ’14, who shares his experience in two different Ferguson protests in his Letter to the Editors. This includes Ms. Gallagher, who is in Ferguson, MO, at press time and is interviewed in this issue. This includes Yulissa Arroyo ’15, Alexis Lopez ’15, and Martina Pineiros ’15, who participated in protests organized for the missing students in Mexico and who share their experience in a two-part feature article. In the spirit of their activism, we encourage you to really engage with this issue. Use the comments section to discuss these issues openly and courageously, while maintaining a respect for others. Share what inspires you, what angers you, what motivates you.  This is a space for dialogue. The Forum is, after all, just that—a forum.   Enjoy the issue, Brianna and Frani]]>