Letter from the Editors: 05/19/14


Two weeks. Half a month. One twenty-fourth of a year. That’s how long before the 2013/2014 school year comes to an end. And with that close comes a rush to finish the as yet unfinished: projects, papers, plans. It’s no different at The Forum. Except in this issue we attempt to reach conclusions about the issues that have impacted Latin over the past few weeks. Among the topics addressed: Mr. Fript’s response to the Princeton student’s take on “privilege,”  an interview with the new social justice intern Jannah Tate, and three articles that take a special look at feminism at Latin.

Recognizing that finals are approaching, this issue also features plenty of comic relief. Overheard at Latin continues, and Chris Maurice writes a humorous response to why Illinoisans might be so Illinoyed. So, while you’re taking that “5 minute” study break, don’t go on Buzzfeed; instead, take a look at the wonderful, provocative articles written for this week’s issue. We guarantee the result will be more rewarding than learning 45 different ways to make a tomato into a decorative centerpiece, what kind of chicken tender you are, or whatever else the home page on BuzzFeed currently has to offer.

Happy studying, Romans!

Brianna and Frani]]>