Letter from the Editors: 4/20/2014

We know you’ve been awaiting this issue of the Forum as eagerly as you’ve been awaiting 70 degree days; thankfully, they’ve both arrived, and it looks like they’ve both been worth the wait.

With Project Week and Spring Break behind us, we’ve reached the home stretch. For some, that means finishing off the year strong. For others, namely Seniors, that means gradually checking out of your classes until graduation in June. Whichever the case, there’s always time for reading The Forum, so we hope this issue provides you with a healthy dose of both procrastination and school news. We’ve covered everything from the retreat changes to Dr. Ginsburg’s visit about teenage stress to Project Week, Latinpalooza to Lollapalooza. Thanks to all the writers who contributed, and thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy!

Your Editors-in-Chief for this issue,

Chris Quazzo and Frani O’Toole]]>