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The Student News Site of the Latin School of Chicago

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The Student News Site of the Latin School of Chicago

The Forum

Letter from the Editors: The Forum and Yik Yak

Dear Forum readers,

The Forum and Yik Yak have similarities. Both have writers and readers, both enable young people to broadcast their opinions and spark discussion. The differences, though, are what make student newspapers like The Forum so important—our writers take what they say seriously. They put care, thought, and editing into their articles. Our writers sign their stories unless their privacy is necessary and they stand by their stories and take personal responsibility for what they have written. They approach their subjects with an interest and concern in telling the story correctly. And that matters.

The Forum knows what it means to be visible to everyone in the community, whether or not they’re within a five-mile radius. We know it’s a great responsibility to create pieces that are appropriate and meaningful to such a large audience. That’s why our writers spend weeks crafting what they say. So that when they tackle difficult, sensitive issues—like they do with mental health at Latin, the results of the Health Check survey, how Michael Sam’s coming out affects Latin, and more in this issue—they do so in the hope that it will impact and elevate our community.

As an online newspaper, we know how social media has given our generation an incredibly loud, strong voice. We know this kind of accessibility is a gift and a privilege. Please use it. And please use it well.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the issue,

Frani and Michael


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