Junior Kindergarteners Show Off Art Exhibit

Devin with his self-portrait

After studying artists and replicating their techniques since winter break, the Junior Kindergarten students showcased an art museum on Wednesday and Thursday.

Whether visiting the Art Institute, reading picture books about artists, or taking photos, the students have learned about art in many ways.

“The students really all worked really hard on this and know the artists, and we have a diverse background of artists that they’re all able to connect to,” Junior Kindergarten teacher Viviana Castellano said.

Junior Kindergartener Charlotte M’s favorite artist she learned about is Yayoi Kusama, who is known as “the princess of dots.” Multi-colored polka dots inspired by the artist lined the wall.

When asked who his favorite artist is, Junior Kindergartener Devin A said, “Jackson Pollock ‘cause he sounds like Michael Jackson Pollock.”

A Lower School substitute teacher who has been working with the students throughout the year was impressed by them and their artistic journeys.

“This has honestly been one of the best things I’ve ever seen in any school,” she said. “It’s absolutely amazing. These kids are soaking up all this information, and they are so into it.”