Strength in Numbers? Jon Jones Up Against 10 Dillon Romanos


Dillon Romano

In this week’s face-off, 10 of senior Dillon Romano will take on world-renowned Jon Jones.

Jon Jones: A 36 year old out of Rochester, New York, Jones stands 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 248 pounds. His favorite grappling style is “whatever taps the guy out,” and his favorite striking technique is “whatever KOs him,” according to an interview conducted by UFC, the mixed martial arts organization.

Dillon Romano: A 17 year old out of Chicago, Illinois, Romano stands 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 162 pounds. If you add all 10 fighting Jones tomorrow night, Romano would be 57½ feet with a gross weight of 1,620 pounds. His favorite style of striking is punching. When asked about grappling, he questioned whether the interviewer was asking about Fortnite or the fight. He concluded that he has no clue what grappling is and will look up a wikiHow video to prepare himself better.

The proposition of this fight began when an argument erupted amongst several students during a free period. Senior Anjan Shroff believed that three of him could take on one of senior Ashton Seymore. The bickering continued into the H block Journalism class period. The chatter instantly became screaming after the fight proposition switched to 10 Dillon Romanos, a high schooler, versus one Jon Jones, a professional mixed martial artist.

To be completely honest, the entire Journalism class and everyone else who thought of this fight and put it together should be fired or even put in jail for placing Jones in this position. Along with that decision, Jones should be closely examined for agreeing to take on 10 humans in the ring—especially 10 men of Dillon Romano’s strength and raw power. A murder scene would be upon us.

I hate to bring up the past for my dear friend, Jones, but you know what they say: The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased. It can only be accepted.

Back in 2009, Stephan Bonnar gave Jones his first and only professional loss. Proving to the world that Jones is beatable by one human. Yes, I agree that Jones has more experience, better technique, a larger build, and is a significantly better fighter than Dillon. But, a 6-foot-3, 208-pound pretty boy took down Jon with incredible ease. There is no doubt that a 10 versus one matchup is even close to remotely possible for Jon. I’d even say this would be a David and Goliath moment for Jones, and in this case, the Bible’s not winning, I’ll tell you that much.

After the initial argument about the fight, I conducted a survey among the members of H block Journalism, and here were the outrageous things people had to say.

Community Members Picking Dillon Romano:

Lori Kloehn – “Ten Dillons would be able to attack so many parts of Jon Jones simultaneously! He wouldn’t have a chance.”

Kaya Bhandari – “Ten people is a lot”

Community Members Picking Jon Jones:

Reeise Remmer – “Ur getting cooked”

Ashton Seymore – “Jon Jones would kill 10 Dunes without even getting hurt.”

Katie Hallinan – “This man is a stud and, no offense, looks like he could knock you out with one kick.”

Eliza Lampert – “While Dillon is able to deadlift 350 lbs. (once), Jon Jones is able to do 500 lb. deadlifts 15 times. So 10 Dillons would be equivalent to lifting 3500, while one Jon Jones would be equivalent to 7,500 lbs.”

Quinlan Smith – “Because Jon Jones is a menace to society and will kill you.”

Gavin Anderson – “No comment”

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