Letter From the Editors 9.07.18

Hey there, LSOC students. Forum Staff here. It’s the end of summer in Chitown but Latin is certainly heating up for its Rodents. With a new bridge, servery, library, and 4th-floor kiosk, the Latin School is bursting with shiny new-ness. But alas, it’s still that time of year again. Freshmen getting lost in the halls, schedule memorization, and plenty of early-morning coffee runs. But don’t you worry, Rodents. The Forum staff has got you covered for all the nitty-gritty gossip this 2018-2019 school year. We’ll give you the rundown on everything Latin, including Mr. G and Mr. D’s juicy Gathering speeches (Greer and Dunn for you newcomers). Mr. Guzman was spotted examining how students are interacting with the new learning commons, while Mr. Enderle was snapped showing students around the new Innovation Studio. Rumor has it, Mr. D is quite the Lonely Boy down on the 3rd floor because of the new bridge, so stop by and give him a wave if you have time. If you have a tip for an article idea, or you want to join our super secret writing fleet, don’t forget to email us at [email protected]. That’s all we’ve got for this issue, Rodents. See you at the Convocation and remember – the Forum is always watching.   Xoxo, Forum Staff]]>