A Summer to Remember


Summer gives students the opportunity to explore the ends of Chicago, the ends of the United States, and the ends of the world. Just because September is here doesn’t mean we forgot all that summer brought us. In just three short months many students collected memories and lessons that will last a lifetime. Summer can change students: whether it changes the tone of one’s skin, how fortunate one feels, how one views school, or how one treats others. Many of us come back recharged, focused, and ready to start school again. Students at Latin take part in such unique experiences during the summer that The Forum has decided to share just a few. Here are the six stories that that we have collected.   How Latin in Rwanda Ruined My Life- “I expected to meet many people that the genocide affected due to how recent it was. I didn’t expect the ways it affected them.” Looking Back On Latin In Rome- “Seeing this living history provided a beauty found in no other form, and I’m thankful for it.” Yearbook at the Beach “Yearbook camp made me really excited about this year’s yearbook, and we all would love to see new people join us on Thursdays to make this book the best one yet!” The Do’s and Don’t’s of [email protected]“In late July of this summer, we flew to Rhode Island to participate in Brown University’s pre-college program for high schoolers… Here is what we learned” S.O.S at H.M.I- “This summer saw me tucked away in the mountains of Colorado, in a small town called Leadville that stands at 10,152 feet above sea level: the highest city in the United States.” Learning about Journalistic Writing and Myself “I was expecting to go on frequent Starbucks runs or make millions of copies—typical “interny” things. It wasn’t until halfway through the hour-long rundown my new boss Jeff was giving me on the wire that I realized I would be doing actual writing.”    ]]>