Enemy Territory

Rachel Stone Co-Editor-in-Chief Instead of cafeteria cliques, the Latin School caste system is separated into two distinct subcultures: those who prefer to study in the third floor computer lab, and those who choose to study in the library. Preferring loud, technological discourse and swivel chairs, The Computer Lab Clique (henceforth the CLC) is about as different from the noise-gradient-choosing, quiet studiers as herbal tea is from slow-drip Turkish coffee. This difference has served the cliques well; neither perturbs the other, so long as the unofficial boundaries are maintained. 2010 marked the only break in their separate peace. When the sophomore lounge closed after mysterious circumstances, the raucous lounge-dwellers were forced out of the hallways, into the library and into the lab. While relations have since resolved, this armistice has been brought to a fragile point. Following the on-site destruction of a solid chocolate scale model of the Eiffel Tower, Senior Grade Dean Ms. McCarthy has shut down the lounge until further notice. This development proves devastating news to the lounge community, but more importantly, might destroy the delicate distribution of study habitats at Latin, as the influx of refugees has the capacity to ravage the tenuous balance between low-decibel and digital. The Forum shall be watching these proceedings closely, as the safety and sanctity of sitting areas at Latin remains precipitous.]]>