The Mystery Behind The Facebook Profile

Co Editor in Chief It all started with grade level meetings. At the end of each meeting hands would be raised, shyly, for Appreciations—complimenting someone on their actions and everyone would laugh. It was supposed to create that “community feel” and acknowledge people for their actions. And, then it took a step further. Now, it’s own entity, Latin Compliments has the most posts and likes (the clear evidence of its popularity). While it’s cherished by all, students all around wonder who Latin compliments is? There has been some speculation, but the identity is still unknown to many in the community. And, after the Forum consulted with Latin compliments it (we decided to use “it” to avoid giving a clue as to the gender) wishes to remain a mystery. However, after the Forum pleaded to conduct an interview with Latin Compliments, it conceded saying “ You may not know who I am, but I can answer your questions”. The Facebook profile just doesn’t explain the full picture. Of course, the main question students wondered was why this entity suddenly appeared on Facebook. Clarifying the intent, Latin compliments explained “I know a lot of other universities have it (ex: Columbia Compliments, etc.) and I just thought it was a great concept…because lots of people deserve love.” And, it seems lots of people like to share love to. Latin compliments shared its popularity saying “There were two posts the first, and I’ve been getting a steady stream. While everything is going great for this entity, however, there are still some improvements to be made. Some posts haven’t been as loving and for Latin compliments that’s been hard as “occasionally there are some backhanded compliments.” But, it still looks the future could be promising, and Latin compliments hopes “people keep making posts next year to keep the wonderful tradition going…considering some other unsavory traditions have lasted.” And so, Latin compliments keeps it’s identity a mystery, leaving the compliments as its only representation. Maybe someday soon Latin compliments will reveal itself and spread its love even more to all the students. But, until then keep posted. Up Next: Latin’s secret societies.]]>