Pennies for Pakistan Fundraiser

Katherine Pollock Guest Writer The flooding in Pakistan is a natural disaster that is not only affecting the health of 21 million people, but also threatening the stability of Pakistan, as many Taliban warlords rush into the country to take advantage of those in need. This humanitarian crisis swept the media…for two weeks, until the next celebrity was arrested and another politician was accused of having a less than perfect background. As a community, Latin strives to reach out its fundraising arms to all of those in need. This is exactly what the Seeds of Peace Club is attempting to do through their “Pennies for Pakistan” jug at the Upper School front desk. Why a jug, and not just another bake sale? Nick Lehmann, a co-head of the Seeds of Peace club, answers “”We decided to collect money in a water jug because we really wanted the whole school to get involved. Just as the name “Pennies for Pakistan” suggests, a dollar or two from every single student and faculty member means so much to those suffering in Pakistan right now. We didn’t want to do a bake sale because it would target fewer students and teachers, rather then making it a community effort. We really tried and are still trying to get the whole student body involved at such a crucial time for the survival of those in Pakistan.” Although it is often overwhelming to constantly be bombarded with why you should support this charity or that one, we would really appreciate if you couls take the extra 20 seconds as you run between classes to donate your spare change to the “Pennies for Pakistan” jug, located at the front desk.]]>