Latin's New Science Wing

Oly Huzenis Staff Writer Ever since the middle school was built in 2007, the top two floors have remained vacant – void of classrooms and teachers, and barred from students. The administration was unsure of what use they would serve to students until recently— a whopping three years later. Now, students should be excited to hear that the administration plans to build a new science wing in which all science classes will take place. The decision was based on the science department’s sore need for updated equipment and facilities which have quickly grown obsolete. The new science classrooms, each equipped with a lab of their own, will be formatted to fit the needs of each class. This, as Mr. Coberly, the science department chair said, “..,will help us teach how we want to teach and experiment with different methods of teaching”. The science department is ecstatic about these new renovations because it not only means that new and updated resources will be at their disposal, but they will also get to personalize their curriculum more due to a wider scope of material formatted to each individual subject. Although this is a great opportunity for Latin to take full advantage of the previously vacant facilities, there is one slight drawback. The classrooms are moving, and so is the science department. Mr. Coberly fears that accessing the students will be increasingly difficult when they are removed from the upper school and students will have to go to greater lengths to seek help from their teachers. However, in perspective, this is a minor inconvenience which will be greatly overshadowed by the obvious advantages of the new facilities and what they have to offer. The classrooms previously dedicated for the use of the science department will be restructured to accommodate other classes, effectively giving teachers more classroom space for alternative subjects. What’s more is that this renovation is quickly becoming a reality and hopefully put into use by the second semester of next year as the successful fundraising continues.]]>