Addressing Gender Issues

Lindsey Bell Co-Features Editor At first glance, the recent assemblies might seem unrelated or maybe even conflicting in their promotions. Men’s Alliance and LAW have typically been seen as opposing forces in the community, simply due to their names. However, as the recent assemblies have proven, both are clubs that encourage mutual respect and tolerance for all. Men’s Alliance, a club composed of male students, is really a space for the men in the Latin community to come together to discuss issues which are tougher to cover in a co-ed setting, including not only how to be yourself but also the importance of encouraging others to do the same, regardless of what that might mean. This is not only relevant to the men of the community, but also the women. In the past, LAW has been regarded as a club for women to come together to bash men for being sexist. I believe the most recent assembly proved the falsehood of this accusation. Jason Katz was very specific in stating that he was not intending to lecture the men or put any blame on them. His presentation was meant to raise awareness, similar to the goals of LAW. However, while the assembly directed by Men’s Alliance was a very effective and well-organized presentation, I do not know if the assembly directed by LAW was as effective. One thing that worked really well in the Men’s Alliance assembly was the fact that every person who spoke was an alumnus of the school.  They shared personal stories, which always allows the audience to connect more with the person they are listening to, thus having a greater impact. On the other hand, Jason Katz was not an effective speaker. His presentation lacked focus and it was often difficult to follow the points of his argument. I believe this is primarily due to the little time we were allowed with him. He was attempting to cover several big ideas in a short period of time, and it might have been more effective if he had focused on one in particular. I am a firm supporter of what he was promoting and I strongly believe in his cause, however I think it would have had a greater effect on the community as a whole if he were more specific and clear in his delivery of his message. One thing I think we can all take away from the recent presentations is the notion that it is important for us to be respectful of each other, regardless of male or female, sexual orientation, or anything else that might define us.]]>