The Newest Addition To The English Department: Mr. Gupta's Baby


Charlie Williams Have you noticed a lack of Mr. Gupta in the hallways? Well if you don’t know, his wife, Kato Gupta, gave birth on Sunday, September 30th. Here’s what you need to know about the new mini Gupta (as he’s fondly referred to by the freshmen) in the world. Louie Subhash Gupta is this little baby boy’s name. Mr. Gupta recalled the story of how the name was chosen, and was honest enough to tell us that he was a little weary of the story, but that he and his wife were binge-watching mafia/gangster movies earlier this year, and he started to joke about names like Carmen, Tommy, Jimmy Frankie, and Louis. Although he doesn’t remember all the details of the story, he does remember when his wife responded with, “Louie because sometimes people pronounce Louis the same way,” and the name stuck! Even though Louie is only a few weeks old, Mr. Gupta described him as “a hiccuping machine” and constantly “grabbing my beard when he is on my shoulder.” It seems like age is no rival to Louie’s cuteness. Aside from all of the adorable things Louie does, starting a family is a daunting task. During our interview Mr. Gupta said he’s “just so excited to start a family,” but he also recognizes the struggles that he may encounter in the future. You may not know that Mr. Gupta’s father passed away when he was 11 years old, and while he still had his mom and sister, he recalled that “Love wasn’t always shown outwardly [in his family] growing up.” He remembered how, when he met his wife’s family, he was happy to see how “close and goofy they are and the affection they consistently show one and other.” He “I hope[s] to shower Louie with that same kind of warmth each and every single day.” Although many new parents are quickly struck with the utter exhaustion of having a child in their home 24/7, when I asked if Mr. Gupta was exhausted he responded, “Nah! It’s all good!” It’s clear that the enthusiasm Mr. Gupta shows in his classrooms, to his coworkers, and on the field hockey field has transferred into his love for a newborn son too. “Yeah, I’m a father now, but that’s just one hat I wear! I’m still a teacher, a husband, a son, a runner, a Bears fan, and many other things! Sleep isn’t continuous anymore, and won’t be for a while, but that’s totally okay! Having a healthy little boy, a loving wife, and partner-in-crime, and a job I love is much more important to me! And I truly enjoy every minute of this thing called life.” From the Latin community, we’re wishing you nothing but joy in all of your future endeavors with little baby Gupta! ]]>