Behind the Scenes with Amy Lee and Lily Le


Hannah Davis Ever wondered about the two girls who appear from behind the wings during gathering to adjust the lights or fix a faulty Prezi? Meet Amy Lee and Lily Le: the two juniors who help tech gatherings. For the past four years, Eddy Lee, Amy’s brother, teched gatherings and assemblies. Amy Lee started shadowing Eddy second semester last year where she learned pretty much everything that helps her do it now. Later that spring, Lily Le joined her. Lily’s previous experience teching plays made it easier to learn the ropes in so little time. The pair often helps with computer malfunctions, like during the LASO assembly, or with other adjustments, such as lights or volume. They even do some of the work via a remote control from the wings. While needing to be on alert during one of the only breaks in the day wouldn’t be most students’ first choice, for Amy and Lily, it’s a fun and “low-key” job. Because they enjoy tech, it doesn’t feel like an obligation. “I actually prefer to do tech because it’s something I enjoy. I like seeing all the behind the scenes stuff. Sitting in the chairs, most kids don’t really know what’s going on, but being backstage, I have more of an appreciation for the gatherings and the time that goes into them,” Amy said. More than just fixing problems, “teching” gatherings is a learning experience for the two girls. Mr. Schneider, who’s well-versed theater tech, uses gathering as an opportunity to teach them how to problem solve independently. They had to learn to be patient with the issues since some of it takes time to fix. As Lily said, “A lot of what Amy and I learn is from our mistakes and Mr. Schneider’s super helpful guidance.” However, the job isn’t completely perfect. As Amy explains, “sometimes things just happen, and I have to accept that I can’t do anything about it. Like, for example, when the computer just broke during the LASO assembly.” While most of the time it is pretty uneventful, according the Lily Le, “it definitely can be stressful at times especially when things don’t work out the way we want it to in the middle of a gathering where this is very limited time.” Now, next time you see them pop out during assembly you’ll know who they are and why they are so crucial to helping our gatherings and assemblies run smoothly. ]]>