Meet Ms. Kutschke, Our New Biology Teacher

Keely Moll Born and raised in Sauganash, Mr. Kutschke, Latin’s new biology teacher, learned she enjoyed working with kids from babysitting and counseling a camp as a swimming instructor in her teenage years — her love for science, on the other hand, grew in college, where she majored in biology and assisted a molecular and cellular biology course her senior year. After college, she moved to San Francisco to simultaneously pursue her first teaching job and grad school. With a new degree and a few years of experience in tow, Kutschke returned to her hometown and taught at Loyola Academy and eventually, when a spot opened at Latin for an upper school science teacher, Kutschke decided it was time for a change of scenery and leaped at the opportunity. Aside from teaching Honors biology and anatomy, Ms. Kutschke spends her downtime with her her husband, son, daughter and her puppy, a chocolate lab; during a long weekend or holiday break, one can typically find all five of them in Lake Geneva enjoying a leisurely swim. Ms. Kutschke is also an avid runner — she can also be found jogging on the lakefront path. To compensate for her substantial physical activity, Kutschke treats herself with her own baked goods and her favorite foods: sushi, guacamole and chips, Mackinac Island fudge ice cream, and practically anything with chocolate in it. Kutschke is most excited about meeting all of the students — and not just the ones in her classes — so if you are a chocolate lover or a lake-lover, you’ll have plenty to talk to Ms. Kutschke about. Make sure to say “Hi!” to Ms. Kutschke because she’d love to meet you!]]>