JV Girls Tennis Update

Amy Balmuth Staff Writer It has been a busy yet successful week for JV girls tennis! On Tuesday, September 21st, we played Morgan Park Academy and even though we were coachless and missing four crucial team members, we emerged victorious beating out the opposition 4-2! We all played two matches, which made for a pretty exhausted bus ride home.  Sophomore Bella Costa played first singles, winning 8-6 and 6-0. Myself and Tybie Geleerd played first doubles and won 8-6 8-0. Megan Foler and Nicole Gerber put in a good fight, however, after some intense rallies, they lost 8-7 and 8-3. It was a great effort and a very close game on their part! The following day of our three day series was another great success. It was our first home game in a while, we were on time, and on our own turf and ready to win. We arrived at waveland, our home courts, only to find that our coach was sick again and we were on our own for this one too. We pulled through and achieved another great win! Maya Mickel played first singles and won 8-1, Tybie Geleerd and Maddie Marks played first doubles and won 8-3 and myself and Annie McDonough played second doubles and won 8-2. On Thursday, September 23rd, our final match of the week was yet again another success! After three days of matches, JV girls tennis persisted through the humidity and high winds and brought it home again with another round of victories. Maya Mickel played first singles and won, Bella Costa won at second singles 8-4. First doubles, Maddie Marks and Annie McDonough won 8-0 and second doubles, myself and Megan Foler won 8-1, 6-1. We hope to keep up our winning streak until the end of the season and we would like to wish our coach, Charlie Howard, a speedy recovery and return.]]>