A Farewell to Daley: Now What?

Olivia Huzenis Staff Writer Mayor Daley has recently caused a stir in local politics with his decision to not run for a seventh term in the next mayoral election. This comes as a surprise to many because of Daley’s popularity among loyal Chicagoans and a traditionally strong support system. For all of us Latin students, and many faculty and parents who have grown up in Chicago during the “Daley Dynasty”, this is truly the end of an era. However, this decision has opened the floodgates to a bevy of ambitious politicians vying for the coveted position. Among them is Rahm Emanuel, current Chief of Staff to President Obama, buffered by words of praise from Obama himself. Although Emanuel has not made his bid for mayor public, he has shown interest in the past in fulfilling the job. A highly controversial candidate known for his short temperament and aggressive nature, Emanuel is certainly a wildcard in this election, but so far has attracted the most media attention of any potential candidate. Latin students offer their opinions: “I think Rahm Emanuel could be good for the city of Chicago because of his ties to the White House,” quips sophomore Michael Berger. “The Chicago way, in politics, is to get things done for your constituents. No one did this more than Mayor Daley. Though some may question his methods there is no doubt, in my mind, that he is the reason Chicago didn’t end up like all those other once-great Midwestern cities which are now rotting away,” notes senior Dan Egel-Weiss, a politically active student in the Latin community. “Although in recent years, Mayor Daley has been plagued by some controversies, I believe that when people look back at his 21 years of service to the city, they will see just how much he really did for Chicago,” agrees Felipe Ayala, a senior. “Mayor Daley did great things for Chicago, but it was his time to go,” says Michael Begel, a sophomore. Although the next mayor is yet to be determined, with the city’s monstrous budget deficit and escalating crime rates, it better be someone who can get the job done.]]>