Top 5 Tips for Freshmen

Clare Hardiman It’s been just over three weeks since the end of summer, though it feels like much longer, and hopefully everyone’s getting used to their new classes and teachers. For the sophomores, juniors, and seniors, this year is a little harder than the last, but for freshmen that are just being introduced to high school, it’s much more difficult to know what to expect. When I was a freshman, it took me a few weeks to navigate the cafeteria, find the quickest route to the science center, adjust to the other 126 kids in my grade, and simply feel comfortable in the  new environment. For all of the freshmen who need some advice about how to approach the work load and have fun, hopefully these tips will help you out! Tip 1: Don’t procrastinate It’s important to stay on top of your workload and make sure you’re managing your time well. We all know those kids who start writing their essay an hour before it’s due to Turnitin at 11:59pm. I suggest picking up a planner at your local target, paper source, or online – a brand I love is – and writing down the homework you have each night. It’s an organizational lifesaver! However, if you don’t like having the extra load to carry around, there’s always the calendar app or notes on your phone and computer.   Tip 2: Meet with teachers If you’re ever confused about how to graph a parabola in math class or don’t understand how to write a thesis statement in english, meet with your teachers! Don’t be afraid to approach them for help because they are always willing to put in the time and effort, so long as you are too. Teachers are usually pretty flexible in terms of meeting times, so you can schedule a meeting during your free block(s) or before/after school. If your teachers happen to not be available, the math and writing centers are also open for help.   Tip 3: Become friends with upperclassmen If you play a fall sport, chances are you know some upperclassmen already. Sometimes it’s nice to have friends to talk to who aren’t in your grade. You can even ask them for homework help, advice about what classes to take, or anything really. There’s sometimes a stigma between under and upperclassmen, but if you try to break the barrier, you’ll find they’re not that scary.   Tip 4: Participate in Extracurriculars Clubs Fair just happened, so hopefully you signed up for some clubs that sparked your interests. Latin offers an endless amount of clubs/extracurriculars, so definitely take advantage of what it has to offer. If Scholastic Bowl, Model U.N., or any of the other clubs aren’t up your alley, make your own club! Becoming involved in extracurriculars is a great way to make friends with people who share similar interests and to find your own passion.   Tip 5: Don’t stress yourself out too much and have fun You should always strive to challenge yourself, whether that be in academics, extracurriculars, or sports. There are so many amazing classes Latin offers to its students, including electives in every field of study. However, it’s extremely important to keep everything in perspective and not worry too much about every little thing. There will be tests where you don’t perform as well as you would have liked, but put a smile on your face and move onto the next challenge. Even though it sounds cliché, high school really is about the experience. Make sure to enjoy it a little!   Best of luck! ]]>