The Langston Legacy

Alice Bolandhemat  One of the biggest hubs for upper school students is the library. In there, you will find Mr. Langston organizing books, typing on his computer, or having a casual conversation with students who pass through the library. Mr. Langston, however, will be moving to North Carolina next year. Mr. Langston will be the Student Success Librarian at North Carolina State University. “I have witnessed Latin provide so many opportunities for their students in such a big city,” exclaimed Langston, “they are able to jump into the real world right after graduation. It is my hope that students will continue to gain knowledge from the guest speakers and all of the other cool opportunities they are given.” When asked what he will miss most about working at Latin, Mr. Langston said “the community and cafeteria are two very unique aspects about Latin. Students are able to grow and thrive as a community. I have loved getting to see each student develop as they get older.” Mr. Langston is always helpful in the library, but perhaps his best quality is his ability to converse freely with students. Nora Deeney ’20 was on Mr. Langston’s Architecture in Chicago P-Week. “He was such a fun project week leader. At 3:30 PM on the Thursday of P-Week, he told us he wouldn’t be able to make it on Friday. When we asked why, he simply replied with ‘I’m getting married’. He was so casual and humble about it, and I think it really speaks to his character.” Allegra Bolandhemat ’18 frequents the library and is often in need of a computer charger. “Mr. Langston is approachable and genuinely cares about each and every student. After receiving some upsetting news, he saw me shedding a few tears in the library. Mr. Langston brought me a box of tissues. It is the little acts of kindness he does that I will miss most about having him around in the library.” Junior Henry Faversham said he was once playing virtual reality in the library and while trying to accomplish an objective in the game, accidentally kneed a hole in the wall. After doing so, Henry looked around and was happy to see Mr. Langston standing nearby. “I knew he’d be relatively calm about it, even though I kneed a hole in the wall!!! When I showed him the hole, the first thing he did was ask me was if I was okay. Even after that, he didn’t scorn me…He had a genuine concern for my well-being, which was awesome.” Ms. Gall works closely with Langston in the library and has gotten to know him very well. “He is an awesome colleague. I can always count on him to listen, ask questions, and offer up innovative ideas. He cares so much about the school and the students here.” Mr. Langston has affected so many Latin students in his time at Latin. His presence has made the library a fun and welcoming place to be. ]]>