Making it Up As She Goes Along

Campbell Rierson YouTube has been a source of connection for me, in good times and in bad, and I have always wanted to start a channel of my own. With the guidance of Ms. Barker, a shout out from Rodent Gov, and the support of my peers, I am becoming one of the people I feel connected to, and I’m finding confidence and creativity I didn’t know I had. I post videos every weekday, ranging from vlogs, to “get ready with me’s”, to tutorials, to look-books, to swatch videos – if any of these terms are unfamiliar to you, don’t worry! Subscribe to my channel and you’ll have the lingo down in no time 😉 Many seniors choose to complete a project at the end of the year to not only combat “senioritis,” but focus their energy on something they’re passionate about. Attached is Campbell’s senior project–a web series she is creating to highlight her passion for makeup and fashion.]]>