Movies Lied! There Are No Flash Mobs in High School

Natalie Wexler   The very first movie I watched about high school was “High School Musical.” I was 5 years old. It was a magical experience and I couldn’t wait for all of the spontaneous bursts into songs and flash mobs that would be going down in 10 years. To say that I have been disappointed is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong. I love Latin, but Latin does lack a sufficient amount of bursting into song and flash mobs that I expected 10 years ago. I would now like to take this moment to thank every TV show and movie that lied to us about what the true high school experience would be like. “Can I get some thank you note music please?” Thank you “Mean Girls” for leading me to believe that October 3rd could be a special day and that “drama” could be funny. I would also love to have Tina Fey as my math teacher. #goals Thank you “Harry Potter” for not accepting applications. Hogwarts looked like a pretty cool place and I’m pretty sure I could’ve rocked “History of Magic.” If anyone from the History Department is reading this and is looking into some new electives 10/10 would recommend. Thank you “Gossip Girl” for leading me to believe that it is possible to have a clean room, get good grades, go out every night, never do homework, and still get into an Ivy. #alternativefacts Also, still looking for Chuck Bass. Thank you “The Breakfast Club” for making detention look appealing. Although I have yet to serve one (PSA: always take care of absences by emailing [email protected]) from what I have heard it isn’t as glamorous/fun/John Hughes-esque as one might hope. Thank you “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” for making it look easy to convince your parents that you are sick, sneak out of the house and have a legendary day. I’ve pulled off the first part, but not yet the second. Still have a few years to try… Then again, who wants to watch a show that is true to life and unblinkingly authentic? Clearly not Bravo or “The Bachelor” viewers. Does anyone really want to watch me study for a test  while shuffling my Spotify playlist every once in awhile? The answer is no. We want to watch things that expose us to what we can’t experience or don’t necessarily want to really experience in real life. So while I still feel robbed of what pop culture depicted as the “typical high school experience,” I know that it’s just exaggerated, and for now, I will appreciate all of what our real high school has to offer. Then again, flash mob anyone?…]]>