¿Está De Vuelta?

Mary Ellen Mack Last year’s Class Day was filled with the somber reminder that longtime, renowned member of the Latin community, Marsha Dragonetti, was retiring. To many students’ surprise, Mrs. Dragonetti reappeared a few weeks ago as if she had never been gone—somehow, she was back in her old place, teaching four Spanish classes and attending gatherings. Mrs. Dragonetti is returning as a substitute teacher for Mrs. Resendiz until spring break while she is on maternity leave. Mrs. Dragonetti is currently teaching two Novice classes and two Intermediate classes and, despite her temporary role, she is promoting the same language values that she engrained in the brains of her previous students. Dragonetti continues to preach her philosophy that “the two things you need in a language class are curiosity and determination.” On her learning process and philosophy, Ms. Dragonetti explained that “language is spontaneous and random. To do it, you have to be completely in the moment and you have to want to say things, you should not be motivated by grades.” She “likes to be in the classroom and school is a pretty exciting place to be. It is full of energy and lots of fun things to do and learn.” When I first saw Ms. Dragonetti, in the spur of the moment I felt the urge to recite her rules of the class (which she made every student narrate at the beginning of each class period). There were many jaw drops and gasps in the hall when the news quickly spread throughout the school. Sophomore and former student of Mrs. Dragonetti’s, Philip Denny, declared, “Latin has just received a blessing.” Nick Duarte proclaimed that, “This school needs more Mrs. Dragonetti’s. This is the best thing to happen since the cafeteria began selling chocolate covered oreos.” The Latin community is glad to have Mrs. Dragonetti back until Mrs. Resendiz returns. Be sure to welcome her back in the halls! ¡Bienvenida de vuelta Sra.!]]>