The Library: Meet Ms. Atkinson

Ms. Atkinson Librarian large_user4010306_2347019 Q: Where are you from? A: For the past few years I have been the librarian at University Laboratory high school in Urbana.   Q: What originally drew you to Latin? A: After college I worked for a lot of nonprofits in the arts in Chicago and Latin crossed my radar a few times that way. I just knew it was a very impressive place.   Q: What made you want to become a librarian? A: Well my path to librarianship was a little strange. Some people go right after college and I just knew that it was interesting. Being a librarian was never presented as an option it was either go to grad school or go out and get a job. And I just kept meeting librarians along the way kind of guiding me.   Q: Do you have any specific rules for the library? A: I do come down hard on a no bullying policy. I have very little tolerance for it. I do want the library to be a safe place for all students. Outside of treating others with respect, I am flexible with rules.   Q: What’s your go-to Starbucks order? A: A year ago I gave up coffee. I use to love iced coffee with some soy milk. Now I get the iced green tea. ]]>