Computer Science Department: Meet Ms. Hansberry

Ms. Hansberry large_user4010317_2347030 Q: Where were you before Latin? A: Before coming to Latin I taught at a boarding school in Connecticut. I taught computer science as well as algebra two. This will be my third year teaching computer science.   Q: What college did you go to and did you know that computer science is what you wanted to study? A: I went to Boston University and actually was pre-med but then I realized that I didn’t like that and ended up in a computer science class. I was a teaching assistance because I got really involved with the computer science dept. and then I decided that teaching computer science was what I wanted to do. I then went to a grad school program through the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. It was a two year teaching residency-masters program.   Q: What is your class structure like? A: I like talking about this kind of stuff day one with my class. That is the biggest thing for me— just figuring out what everyone is used to. But that being said, I can’t have people showing up late all the time. I was just a student not that long ago so I feel that it’s important to have a dialogue of what’s expected.   Q: What is your lesson plan like? A: In computer science we have a lot of longer term projects with frequent check-ins. I like doing less little grades and more larger projects with lots of little pieces. I also like having writing assignments which may be a little surprising for a computer science class. Q: What was the most surprising thing about Latin? A: The biggest transition for me is two-fold. The past two years I was at a boarding school so I was always on campus and never left. I’m also knew to Chicago so I have to get used to that. Also I think it’s really cool that Latin is JK-12. It’s really interesting that there is such a variety of students and teachers here. I’m really excited to work with all different types of teachers. Q: Do you have any classroom pet-peeves? A: I don’t think I really have any pet-peeves. However, even though it’s a computer science class sometimes I make a point of everyone having to shut their computers, so it doesn’t ever become a pet-peeve of mine. It’s so easy to get distracted, so the whole class, myself included, needs to make a point to sometimes put our laptops away. Q: What is your go-to Starbucks order? A: I go there too much! In the summer time I get an iced caramel macchiato. And in the winter I like drinking regular coffee but I do like to try the new fancy things they have. Sometimes just coffee is too boring. Q: Is there anything else you think your students should know about you? A: One thing that students and faculty alike will find out is that I’m really excited to have computer science components in other classes. I’ve already been talking to math and science teachers to figure out how we can to ‘computer sciencey things’ in other classes. ]]>