Math Department: Meet Ms. Amusin

Ms. Amusin Math Teacher large_user2997086_96880 Q: What are you most excited for this year? A: Math t-shirt Thursday! Mr. VanB wanted to have Jearsday (Jersey Thursday) so I was a little betrayed, but math t-shirt Thursday is just a way to feel good on a Thursday and wear a math themed t-shirt.   Q: What is your classroom structure? A: My goal is to always have something to do at the start of class so you have to be on time because there’s always something to do. I think that you are all your best resources so there are a lot of class discussions and table work. I think that being able to make and correct mistakes is where the real learning happens.   Q: Do you have any pet-peeves? A: Kids checking their phones. I will probably implement the phone box where everyone— including myself— will have to drop their phones off at the beginning of class.   Q: How do you plan on structuring your tests and quizzes? A: Typically, I am a traditional assessment giver. But I definitely have things to learn from my colleagues. I’m excited to hear about how Mr. McArthur does partner quizzes and how Ms. Jeno does projects. In terms of grading, one of the most important things about math is that it’s not something you’re either good at or not good at. You can always improve. So I think that is it really important to be able to go through problems that you have missed and figure out what you did wrong and possibly earn some points back.   Q: What’s your go-to Starbucks order? A: Just a regular coffee!]]>