Math Department: Meet Mr. Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez Math Teacher JV Soccer Coach large_user4010318_2347031 Q: Where did you work before coming to Latin? A: I’m coming from a private catholic school. It was formerly known as Gordon Tech, but now it’s known as DePaul College Prep. It was on the north side. I was there for six years.   Q: What did you teach there? A: I taught math there too, a wide range of subjects from algebra 1 to pre calculus.   Q: What is your tardy policy? A: My tardy policy, well what I’ve done in the past and what I will implement this year, it‘s sort of on the student, it’s sort of like a college policy. You know, show up or you miss what you miss, but you’re going to have to make up that work. So for that reason, I don’t really reprimand anyone for being late, just you’re missing out, because I keep a very active class.   Q: How about your homework policies?   A: I’m very organized, so every homework assignment for a whole month will be given to a student. So they’ll know far in advance what they have to do, so everything is laid out. I like to be up front with things. With collecting homework, I do a typical walk around the class, I look at homework and then grade it based on completion. I guess the only thing students really have a problem with is if you don’t have your homework, I don’t accept late homework. And that’s because during that time in class, we’re going over that assignment.   Q: Do you have a typical classroom or teaching style? A: I do a lot of classroom discussion, and I also allow students to just be very active and hands-on with the material. So for that reason, I do a lot of project based learning, so we make kites, houses, we construct a lot of figures, especially in geometry but even in algebra. I like to relate things, from like a parabolic shape to things that maybe my students have played or done before. For example, angry birds—that’s a parabolic shape, so why not incorporate that. So yes, a lot of project based learning. They spark interest.   Q: Do you have any classroom pet peeves? A: I think most teachers would have it be being on their cell phones, but honestly I don’t really mind that. I know it happens. When I was a student, we had cell phones back then, and I’d have my days at the back of the class on my phone when I’d have to text somebody a question or something. I guess it’s a normal thing. I guess sleeping is my only pet peeve, sleeping in class.   Q: What is your go-to Starbucks order? A: I’m a Dunkin Donut’s person, so this is going to be a new change too. But if I had to choose, my go-to order would probably be the white mocha.   Q: What was your first impression of Latin? A: It was an awesome impression. At my last school, we actually competed at Latin through athletics. SO I’ve been around, met a couple of the soccer guys, but I think the biggest thing about the first impression that I had was respect. Respect on the field, it was a well-known thing with the soccer program and it trickled into the classroom. I had my interview, and almost everyone before leaving the classroom shook my hand on the first day. So I was like, alright, this is an awesome vibe. And I got that impression not only from the students but from the faculty.   Q: What were you like in high school? A: I was a terrible kid. I was what every teacher hated in a student. I didn’t do homework, I took the easy route out, but then I was one of those students that other kids would hate because I’d still get A’s on tests but still didn’t do the homework. I guess I didn’t take high school that seriously, I was more so involved in athletics. But as a teacher, that really helps me now, because if I see someone struggling in class, I know what they’re going through because I’ve been there. I know why you’re distracted or why you’re not interested in this class, and you can bridge the material a little more easily.   I’m excited, just to start. We’ve been going through a lot of meetings and orientations and everything, and I’m just ready to have kids in my classroom and start actually teaching. I’m excited for the soccer program, too. ]]>