Meet A New Teacher At Latin: Ms. Anna Cabral

Tina Czaplinska Staff Writer Ms. Anna Cabral joined the Latin community this year. A graduate of Cornell University, she came to Latin to teach Honors Algebra II and Geometry. 1. Why did you decide to teach math? I decided to teach math because I always liked math and enjoyed tutoring friends in college. 2. Do you have any particular teaching methods? I try to provide plenty of examples and respond to the needs of my individual students. 3. Why did you decide to look into teaching at Latin? Honestly, I was originally worried about budget cuts inside CPS, but once I was offered an interview, I decided that I wanted to teach at Latin because of how serious the students, faculty, and administration are about education. 4. Latin has a lot of teachers that incorporate their hobbies into school activities, like Project Week and clubs. How could you incorporate your hobbies into Latin? I enjoy knitting, running, swimming, and hiking. I would love to go hiking or do some sort of outdoor activity during project week. 5. Do you have any favorite books, teams, movies, superheroes, food etc.? Favorite food has to be cheese and chocolate (though fruits and veggies come in there too). I am a Yankees fan (but don’t publish that, hah, hah). I love a lot of silly movies: The Princess Bride, Spies Like Us, Better off Dead, and Caddy Shack.]]>