Girls Volleyball 2009 Wrap-Up

[/caption] Mehr Singh Staff Writer Girl’s volleyball is a very popular sport at Latin, not only because it is fun, but also because our volleyball teams do very well. This year, since many girls wanted to play, there are three teams, Varsity, JV A, and JV B.  All three teams have had success so far in their season and have grown as a team. I, as a freshman, have been able to interact with a lot of upperclassmen and new students that I would not have ordinarily gotten to know. The Varsity team this year has had a great season. Their record right now is 17-5. Their few losses have been against tough opponents who are not in their division. The two captains this year are Chantal Heckman, a senior, and Peyton Pritikin, a junior. “The players on the varsity team are all very different yet at the same time when we are together we all just click. You can’t exactly explain it, we all just like to joke around and be with each other. It’s as simple as that,” Chantal said. Playing on the team has also taught the players a lot. “It has taught me that playing at the varsity level you need to really push yourself,” said Peyton, “Every practice and every time you are on the court you have to give it your all, so it has taught me how to thrive under pressure and become a team player.” There is also a system of reserves on the varsity team. This year, the five reserves on the team are Luci Ramos, Emma Orloff, Jessica Roldan, Morgan Rubenson, and Danielle Brottman. Being a reserve gives those girls the opportunity to practice at the varsity level and be a part of the team. The way it works is that there are two extra spots on varsity that are left open. Every game, two of the five reserves have the opportunity to suit up and play in the game. The reserves rotate every game. Basically if an athlete, often a senior, has shown commitment to volleyball but are not as skilled as the varsity team they are made reserves. It is understood that their playing time is limited, but they must attend all practices. The JV A team has also done very well this season with a record of 10-4 and are undefeated in conference. The team captains this year are Emma Hirshman, Prentiss Koldyke,  Catarina “Cat” Salazar, and  Allison “Ali” Drake. This year there is one freshman, Maggie Nemoy, on the team. “Being on the team has really taught me a lot of responsibility and time management. I have learned how to cope with school as well as volleyball and I have learned that responsibility is the key to being successful even in sports, “ explained Maggie. Their team has learned to work together and has therefore been successful in defeating their opponents. The JV B team has done pretty well this season with a record of 5-7. It has many players that have not played volleyball before, and those players have improved a lot throughout the course of the season. This year the captains are Sydney Bell, Nicole Schonitzer, Audrey Sekendur, and myself. “Being on the team has really helped me to make friends quickly at Latin and has been a lot of fun. I love how we are able to focus on learning to become better players, but are still able to have a great time while we play,” said Conley Pollard, a new freshman. The coaches this year are Coach Liz (Varsity), Coach Woodhouse (JV A), Coach Collias (JV B), and Coach Laura (assistant coach). All four coaches have been a great help in helping each player improve their game and making sure they can work the players as hard as they can. They have been very supportive in every match and have been able to create a strong rapport with each player. The coaches do not only concentrate on their team, but help with all the teams and their players. For example, for many of the JV B games Coach Liz, Coach Woodhouse, and Coach Laura have come to help out the team and teach them what they can do to improve their game. Although all three of the teams are separate, they all help each other out. During warm-ups before games, whichever team is not playing helps to shag balls and get players ready for the game. This season has been great for all three teams, and the athletes are looking forward to many more volleyball seasons at Latin.]]>