A Look into Our Clubs and Affinity Groups

Abigail Garber Latin’s clubs range from ones that have been around for years, such as The Forum and Yearbook, to brand new clubs, like Roman Encounters (our equivalent of Humans of New York) and the chess club. Once a year, in the roof gym, each and every club sets up a table to display their club and attract new members. Clubs fair is one of the most high-energy events of the school year. Walking into the gym is overwhelming for nearly everyone. As soon as you enter the fair, you hear music coming from all directions, people running to and from tables to sign up, and, as always, members of the CAUSE running around with rainbow flags handing out buttons. As you walk from table to table, you see club heads eager to have you sign up, telling about why you should join their club. Iz Gius, co-head of Classics Club, says that although it’s a lot of work to be club head, it’s very rewarding. This is her second year being a club head along with her co-heads Kathryn Stender and Victoria Lansing, who all have a passion for Roman and Greek culture and literature. When I visited their booth at clubs fair I was greeted by pictures of Greek and Roman historical figures, board games, fliers for trips to museums, and a huge life-sized shield. This booth was just one of many with different posters and items to attract new members. Every year, students sign up for club after club; I myself signed up for about six clubs the first year, and although it was way too many for me to manage, clubs fair always draws me back to them. One freshman signed up for clubs such as yearbook, Model U.N., LAW, and Best Buddies. Another junior signed up for the CAUSE, yearbook, the Forum, JSC, Roman Riffs, Photo Club, Improv Club, Ecco, Rhythm Review, Scholastic Bowl, Classics Club, and Cocoa and Conversations. These two people alone show the wide range of interests among the students. In addition to all of the clubs at Latin, there are also many affinity groups. Affinity groups allow students with similar race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation to come together in a safe space to discuss topics relating to their affinity. Some examples of the affinity groups at school are: JSC (Jewish Student Connection), LASO (Latin American Student Organization), GSMA (Gender and Sexuality Minority Affinity Group), ASA (Asian Student Alliance, and BSU (Black Student Union), and LAW (Latin Alliance for Women.) These affinity groups are designed to allow students to have a sense of empathy with other students in the school. During the year, clubs block is a time for students to go to one of the clubs that they have signed up for and take a break from classes to participate in something that they are very passionate about. Although most clubs meet during clubs block, others meet at additional times, such as yearbook, LAW, Scholastic Bowl, and Robotics. Even though clubs block is only once a cycle, emails, Facebook posts, and text messages are still sent around to keep club members informed. The number and variety of clubs at Latin allow students to become a part of extracurricular activities that they really care about. Club heads, members, and faculty advisors always look forward to the next time that their club meets. Clubs allow all students to be included in something that they would otherwise be unable to be a part of.  ]]>