Latin for the Cure

Chris Maurice Assistant News Editor You may or may not have heard of Latin For the Cure, one of Latin’s new clubs; Latin for the Cure is Latin’s cancer awareness club. Cancer has touched many of our lives— in fact there are nearly 13.7 million cancer survivors in the United States today. The CDC reports that 8 million people die of cancer every year. That is nearly 20,000 deaths every day. Cancer research has progressed exponentially in recent years, but there is still no cure for cancer. Latin for the Cure is dedicated to funding and supporting the cure for cancer. Latin for the Cure has forged a relationship with Rush University Medical Center’s Cancer Institute. Rush is dedicated to supporting patients with all types of cancers from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Through care and research, Rush is working to find a cure for cancer, and Latin for the Cure will be supporting them all the way. All of the money Latin for the Cure raises goes to Rush. What is different about Rush Hospital is that the money we give them does not go to pay administrative salaries or other expenses charities might have. In other words, Rush uses 100% of the money they are given in order to help their patients. If you want to help support finding a cure for cancer you can. This week, on February 18th, Latin for the Cure will be announcing a raffle in order to continue the mission of Rush Hospital. By buying a raffle ticket, you are helping Rush’s cancer patients and helping to find a cure to a disease that has impacted so many.  ]]>